The Akkermansia company

Innovative health microbial solutions through
Akkermansia muciniphila, the gut keeper

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A-Mansia Biotech

A-Mansia is a Belgian microbiome spinoff company based on discoveries made by its founding scientists Prof. Willem M. de Vos (Wageningen University – The Netherlands) & Prof. Patrice D. Cani (UCLouvain – Belgium).

With an Intellectual Property (IP) bulwark of 5 patents on Akkermansia muciniphila, we aim to become one of the leading microbiome-based health companies in Europe, and to satisfy the fast-growing worldwide demand for microbial health products and solutions.

A-Mansia has developed innovative and effective solutions based on the key role Akkermansia muciniphila plays in intestinal barrier function and metabolic health.

Our ambition

To shift the health care paradigm from symptoms to root cause treatment by using integrated microbiome solutions based on cutting-edge science

Our approach

Using next-generation beneficial microbes to restore the gut barrier function

Our solutions

The first effective and natural dietary supplements containing pasteurized A. muciniphila to tackle the root cause of obesity & prediabetes

What makes Akkermansia so special?

15 years of research

Clinical and preclinical validations: A. muciniphila is safe for human consumption

Gatekeeper of the intestinal barrier

Increases gut barrier function and prevents the condition known as leaky gut

Natural abundant species

It represents a variable percentage of the total microbiome, depending on the health of the subject

Pasteurization improves efficacy

Pasteurization of A. muciniphila enhances benefits and stability of the product

Naturally present in the gut

Naturally present in the gut lining in 90% of healthy human individuals

Improves different metabolic markers

A. muciniphila improves many different metabolic markers associated with metabolic syndromes, it reduces obesity, dysglycemia and dyslipidemia

Interacts with our human cells

Biological crosstalk between A. muciniphila and our cells

5 patent families

A-Mansia has developed a key Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio

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