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A-Mansia is a Belgian microbiome spinoff company based on discoveries made by the founding scientists Prof. Willem M. de Vos (Wageningen University -The Netherlands) & Prof. Patrice D. Cani (UCLouvain – Belgium)

In 2004, Akkermansia muciniphila MucT (Akkermansia) was isolated from human gut by Pr. W.M. de Vos team’s – Laboratory of Microbiology, Wageningen University & Research Center, Netherlands1.

Then, Pr. P.D. Cani team’s – UCLouvain, Metabolism and Nutrition Research Group, LDRI, Belgium – discovered that murine models of obesity and/or type 2 diabetes were characterized by a lower abundance of Akkermansia. In addition, they found strong correlations between the presence of Akkermansia and lower cardiometabolic risk factors2.

Both researchers decided to collaborate in order to produce this anaerobic bacterium for preclinical investigations and decipher its potential health effects on preclinical models.

Besides the numerous correlations observed, this collaboration led to several scientific articles demonstrating (i) a large body of evidence of the causal beneficial impact of this bacterium in a variety of preclinical models, (ii) the ability to produce a bacteria compatible and safe for human use³ and (iii) accomplished the first proof-of-concept study using Akkermansia in humans4.

It’s against that stimulating background with strong scientific evidences and know how that the A-mansia company was born.

Akkermansia muciniphila in a nutshell !


by Prof. de Vos (Wageningen U)
and Prof. Cani (UCLouvain)

Endogenous bacterium isolated

from the human gut in 20041

Lives in the
mucus layer

and is a gate keeper

One of the most abundant species

1% to 5% of the total
intestinal bacterial population

Decreased Akkermansia abundance

in subjects suffering from
inflammatory bowel diseases,
overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes

Microbes4U study

the first randomized double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study in human volunteers demonstrating that daily administration of Akkermansia for 3 months was safe and well tolerated6


15 years of research

5 Patent

A-Mansia Biotech


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