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Our Vision:

Our vision is to change the health paradigm for humanity. We believe in the power of microbiota and the gut barrier function. These are key factors to change the way health care is addressed.

Our missions:

  • To strive for novel healthcare practices and empower every generation with integrated microbiome solutions.
  • To create efficient, natural and sustainable solutions through cutting-edge science.

The values of A-Mansia:

The fundamental values  of A-Mansia guide our actions with every passing day and form a common pillar of values. All our teams share and commit to these principles.

Team spirit

Team spirit is of utmost importance in the way we work. Working together enables us to grow, to pool our skills and is more enjoyable.


We want to be a source of new ideas and innovation through cutting-edge science.


We are doing our part to make the world a better place through practices and initiatives that seek to resolve issues of health and well-being and global sustainability.


“Be positive and make it happen” is the mindset we support in our company.


We take pride in providing and supporting high-value solutions. These ensure customer satisfaction, profitability, and the future of our employees and the growth of our company. Excellence must be our permanent quest.

A-Mansia’s Intellectual Property

A-Mansia has secured through exclusive licenses and proprietary patents a key Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio surrounding Akkermansia muciniphila. The portfolio includes fundamental patents covering the composition of products containing Akkermansia and their therapeutic uses, as well as a method of culturing Akkermansia muciniphila.

Our IP estate includes patents issued in the US, Europe, Australia, Mexico, China and Japan (other countries are pending) with priority dates dating back to 2012. This Intellectual Property portfolio puts A-Mansia in a unique leadership position in the Akkermansia field.